Sheila’s handwriting analysis practice covers a wide spectrum, from personality evaluation to handwriting authentication, to lecturing, teaching, and writing about handwriting. She has a clientele that includes a variety of business and industry types, as well as the legal, medical, and mental health fields. Based in the United States (California), she serves clients around the world. Sheila Lowe & Associates is the “write choice” for employers interested in:

  • human resource management
  • integrity screening
  • sales force building
  • drawing crowds to their booths at trade shows and conventions

Private investigators retain Sheila Lowe & Associates in cases of anonymous notes, harrassment, and screening of surrogate parents/adoptive parents, as well as in employment or other types of background checks.

Criminal Investigators rely on Sheila Lowe, where she calls on her forensic graphology skills to help identify red flags for dangerous behavior. Individuals entering a business or personal relationship learn how to get along better with their partners by understanding their motives, needs, and feelings through compatibility guidance. When working with therapists who practice marriage and relationship counseling, Sheila is able to offer a deeper level of understanding where problems lie in a relationship, faster than some more traditional testing methods. In a related area, using handwriting therapy (“graphotherapy”) exercises, Sheila works with those who wish to make life changes through personality modification. These exercises, along with written affirmations and special music, help clients to change undesirable behaviors by becoming more organized, more relaxed, or to work through difficulties that continue to plague them from past events.

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