Well, some of them, anyway. I couldn’t find any handwriting of Amy Klobuchar except a signature, which is not fair compared to the others who had more writing, or Andrew Yang. Couldn’t even find a signature for him! 

These are some small handwriting samples of some of the top Democratic presidential candidates. I won’t discuss the ones who have already dropped out but will make a few comments on some of the major ones.

Interestingly, there are some left-handers in this group. To date, eight presidents have been southpaws: Garfield, Hoover, Truman, Ford, Reagan (forced to right-handedness), Bush Sr., Clinton, Obama. Considering the fact that only about 10% of the world’s population is said to be left-handed, that seems a lot. I wonder whether it predicts the next president…

Note: If on reading my analyses, your inclination is to say, “well, that’s obvious, you see it on TV,” know this: 1. Handwriting tells the truth about the writer, and 2. I describe what I see in the writing I am analyzing, not the behavior I saw the writer engage in. My opinions are based on the limited samples of handwriting above. Of course, this reflects just a small part of each personality and is not intended to be an intensive analysis.

(p.s. As a non-US citizen, I don’t get a vote, so none of these candidates is likely to benefit from what I say.)

Joe Biden

This simplified, hasty handwriting shows a quick, impatient thinker who gets to the bottom line without a lot of frills. Are you old enough to remember Dragnet’s Joe Friday: “Just the facts, ma’am”? The changeable slant and many loops suggest an emotional person who is flexible and able to deal with all kinds of people, making quick changes of direction as needed. His signature is congruent with the rest of his writing, plain and open, hiding nothing. What you see is what you get.

Pete Buttigieg

This southpaw uses a small print-script style that suggests he may be less outgoing than he wants to appear. The rounded i dots sit precisely over the letter stem, which some see as a sign of loyalty. Another interpretation is careful detail-mindedness. Of course, both can be true. His signature is illegible and has a big “tie” which seems to be the “t” bar crossing through it. It’s not a particularly attractive signature, and as the signature is a representation of the self, may be hiding difficulties with his self-image. The very tall capital letters show his pride in his accomplishments

Cory Booker

Another lefty, Cory uses a printed style of writing, which suggest that he may have difficulty getting close to others on a deep, emotional level (not a talent that he needs when connecting with constituents). The slant is variable, a sign of mixed emotions and also the ability to change direction. he just needs to be careful about the changes he decides to make. His signature is overly simplified and illegible, indicating a strong need for privacy that is confirmed by the “roof” his first name creates over the second. It’s a way to protect his ego, which seeing how small the capitals are in his name, is quite modest.  

Elizabeth Warren

Warren’s handwriting is a conventional cursive with a twist. Those very large lower loops that reveal the energetic go-getter that she is. Along with the gentle rounded letter forms, they are also a sign of inclusivity. She loves to gather as many people to her as she can and share her activities. The writing is strongly connected, an indicator of smooth, rapid thinking processes. The long t-bars reveal someone who is good at directing others to carry out her wishes. The signature is attractive and open, not afraid to show who she is.

Bernie Sanders

A strong rightward slant in connected writing reveals his insistence on moving forward regardless of any obstacles that may arise. He is like a steamroller whose persistence and stick-to-it-iveness can turn into stubbornness when met with opposition. That he genuinely cares about others is also evident in the warm, pasty stroke. Notice how the third hump on the “m” gets higher? That’s a sign of someone who is not cowed by authority figures. He knows he is worth just as much as they are.