Lectures & Seminars

Sheila Lowe, Guest Speaker and Seminar Presenter
Sheila speaks to a broad spectrum of groups and organizations about handwriting analysis and handwriting authentication. Whatever the makeup of your group, they will be informed and entertained, in-person or via Zoom.

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What Makes You Tick? — General Audiences

Understanding your most basic needs and motivations, and what motivates the people around you, will give you a valuable tool to improve your life and your relationships. In this interactive program, using handwriting samples of the famous and infamous, Sheila will demonstrate how your particular needs show up in your handwriting. You’ll never look at handwriting the same way again!

Hiring the Write Way — Employers and HR Managers

Nordstrom’s hiring philosophy is “Hire the smile, train the skill.” The fact is, most terminations result not from poor job skills but from personality problems. You’ll learn how handwriting analysis can help you improve your bottom line by hiring applicants with the personality traits to make them successful on the job. Handwriting analysis provides an accurate, cost-effective, legal cutting edge tool to use in your employee selection and management, and helps uncover such traits as the ability to prioritize, work independently, follow through, as well as communication skills, dependability, attention to detail, self-confidence, stress tolerance, and many others.

Training You Can Bank On — Bank Managers and Fraud Investigators

Fraud and forgery, especially check forgery, are a skyrocketing problem in the financial industry. Training your personnel to spot suspicious signatures can help you avoid expensive losses. This two-hour hands-on presentation introduces the basic principles of handwriting examination, writing habits, various factors that affect handwriting, how a person creates their own master patterns, thinking like a forger, various types of forgery, and more.

Not Using Handwriting Analysis Would Be A Crime — Law Enforcement, Private Investigators

What do you need to know about the suspects, victims, witnesses in your case? Their handwriting provides important information to help you determine veracity. Is a victim lying in his or her statement? What would be their motivation for lying? Using the handwritings of convicted criminals and professional victims, this presentation will clue you in on the Red Flags that reveal potential for explosive, violent behavior, as well as a tendency to lie, steal, and manipulate.

Can a Document Examiner Help Your Case? You Be the Judge — Attorneys

How do you decide on a handwriting expert when presented with a case of possible forgery? Learn what you need to know about retaining the various types of experts before you make an expensive and embarrassing mistake. A competent expert can assist you in preparing your case in a variety of ways, including educating you on the basic principles of document examination, the important process of how to take handwriting exemplars from witnesses and suspects, and where to find comparison documents, as well as the factors that influence writing, and more.

Relationships the Write Way — Marriage and Family Therapists

Handwriting is a powerful key to understanding the personality of your clients even before your first session. In this presentation you will learn how the principles of spatial arrangement, writing form, and writing movement related to ego needs and ego strength, social skills, thinking style, basic energy levels, and fears and defenses.

A Pen Without Ink — Continuing Education for Handwriting Analysis Organizations

Simply learning the basics of handwriting analysis is not enough. True professionals recognize the importance of continuing to learn. Sheila offers a wide range of handwriting- and psychology-related topics.

What audiences say about presentations by Sheila Lowe

“I thoroughly enjoyed [your talk] and I heard real positive comments from others at the meeting. You were informative, interesting, funny at times, and touching.” Michael Levittan, Ph.D., Association for Domestic Violence Therapists

“Just wanted to say “Thank you” for a superb seminar . . . the reaction has been very positive and the attendees learned a lot about handwriting analysis from a slightly different perspective.” Hugh Namekawa, International GraphoAnalysis Society, Orange County Chapter

“Thank you so much for your presentation. I’ve already heard favorable reviews, especially from the attorney in my office!” Aneta Adams, Kern County Paralegal Association

“You have an easy-to-understand way of delivering information and the topic was of great interest to our members, as shown by their attention and also the questions they asked.” Bob Braitman, Rotary Club of Ventura-South

“The material you presented obviously represents many years of serious thought and successful experience.” Janice Klein – National Society for Graphology

“Our members are still talking about your presentation. I only wish we could have heard more!” Barbara Hearn – French-American Chamber of Commerce