Sheila Lowe’s Handwriting Analyzer software

Two versions, in use around the world since 1997


Note: the software is designed to work on Windows platforms. To use on a Mac it requires Windows emulation software on your computer.

The two versions of the software – click link below to purchase

Professional version: personal reports, business reports, and visual graphs. Used by HR departments, handwriting analysts and individuals. $425

Standalone Personal Version: For those who are seeking self-knowledge or who want to get to know others better. Personal reports only, no graphs, no editing except by copy/paste. $125

Relationship add-on module: compatibility reports between two people. Works with either version. $49

Upgrade from an older version of Windows to Windows 10: $45

PLEASE NOTE: No refund can be made on digital products.

*You don’t have to be a trained handwriting analyst to get an accurate report!*

Professional Version Main Features

Why can’t I just scan the writing?

Sheila Lowe’s Handwriting Analyzer uses the gestalt method of handwriting analysis. This requires the analyst to see the subtle elements in handwriting that a computer is unable to recognize.

With the Professional version you can edit reports and graphs, change fonts, headers and footers, and other formatting.

In the Categories window a small red square appears next to each of the major components that contribute to an accurate report. You must select a minimum of ten items before the Report button lights up. Simply click on the graphic in each category that best represents the handwriting you are analyzing. Once you have selected from at least ten of the main categories (marked with a red square) you can generate an analysis.

How should I use the Handwriting Analyzer?

  • Many users are in human resources. The Handwriting Analyzer helps them get to know job applicants, even before they meet.
  • Some handwriting analysts do dozens of analyses a day at trade shows. Once the user is familiar with the items, it should take under five or six minutes to produce a report. Add the client’s and your own contact info in the footer for a good advertising opportunity.
  • Psychologists use it to help get deeper insight into their clients.

Note: if you purchase the Personal standalone version and later decide to upgrade to the Pro version, the amount you already paid will be applied to the upgrade.