What people say about Sheila Lowe

Document Examination

“Sheila is the best handwriting analyst I have ever worked with.  She is detailed, thorough, and timely. I refer her to everyone I can.” Cameron Jackson, C. Jackson Investigations

“I will always recommend your services to anyone who needs a document examiner.” Frank Hutting, Attorney

“I will absolutely recommend Sheila. She is diligent, competent and accessible. She lets you know what she needs, you supply it, and then your job is completed professionally and on time.” Charles Kelly Kilgore, Attorney

“We hired Sheila to perform a four-hour training session for a segment of managers, supervisors and leads in a position to verify signatures. . . The training was very insightful, and participants took away several nuggets which will be invaluable.” David Panosian, Farmers Insurance

Business Analysis

“I have tried many different personality evaluations and most do help identify traits such as problem solving, assertiveness and pace of work. I feel Sheila Lowe’s handwriting analysis can help discover traits that I have struggled to identify, specifically, character and honesty. I would recommend her work to managers who feel the above types of behavior are important.”
Jay Jurschak President, Pacific Staffing

“Years ago when I was first involved with handwriting analysis, I thought of it as black magic. It didn’t take very long for me to see that handwriting analysis offered a unique perspective of an individual. In some cases, it was a verification of my intuition but in many cases it provided a revealing-–almost x-ray view–of the writer. Now, I view the use of handwriting analysis as one of the important steps in the process of evaluating an individual. It has become a must for us in our business but, more importantly, the caliber of experience and training that the handwriting analyst brings to the table are every bit as critical. We have been extremely fortunate to have Sheila Lowe do all of our work in this area and the insight and professionalism she brings to her clients is invaluable. Her skill, quality of service, speed of response and helpful manner make her the best in California, if not the nation, in bringing handwriting analysis into the business work place.
Carl Miller, Executive Director of Russell Stephens, LLC (The nation’s largest search firm specializing in financial institution search and selection)

“Thank you for your thorough analysis – truly amazing – your remarks mirror our reactions during the interview.”
LR – Los Angeles School District

“I personally think you have done an outstanding job in the task presented to you, and sincerely thank you for your professionalism.” – NV

“The person who we hired (thanks to you) is the best we have ever hired. An office manager is so important to us, and she could not be more compatible with my husband and me!!! We are thrilled, thank you !!!” – Ann L.

Personal Analysis

“You’re amazing! I’m blown away. Again, thanks. I’ll recommend you to anyone who mentions an interest in handwriting analysis.” – Lisa

“WOW!!! You nailed me with the analysis . . . After reading your book I was convinced there was some truth and accuracy to hand writing analysis, and it wasn’t just hogwash as I have heard it refered to in the past, now I have proof, amazingly accurate.” – SH

“Thank you so much. The report is amazing. Very very accurate!!! You have described XXXX to the letter! The detail is so thorough, I don’t think anything was left out. . . I didn’t know about handwriting before. Now I am intrigued.” Lucas C

“I’m going to have to have you do my handwriting. I’ve heard terrific things about you!!!! I am quite curious. Lorne said he almost had chills go up his spine when he read what you wrote about him based on his handwriting. It was ominously correct!” – Lynda

“Thank you so much for my analysis, to say it is accurate is an understatement, it is so true to me, that I agree with it all.” – Marta

Lectures & Meetings

“You are an excellent speaker, and very informative. Our group was very enthusiastic about your presentation. . . There is interest among our members for you to present a “Part 2.”
Aneta Adams, Programs/Education Director, Kern County Paralegal Association

“I thoroughly enjoyed [your talk] and I heard real positive comments from others at the meeting. You were informative, interesting, funny at times, and touching.”
Michael Levittan, Ph.D., Association for Domestic Violence Therapists

“Just wanted to say “Thank you” for a superb seminar . . . the reaction has been very positive and the attendees learned a lot about handwriting analysis from a slightly different perspective.”
Hugh Namekawa, International GraphoAnalysis Society, Orange County Chapter

“Thanks for a great presentation! All who attended from our Firm thoroughly enjoyed it!” – GP

“…So many of our members have said how much they enjoyed your speech, not only because it was on such a unique subject, but because you were so informative…”
Marianne Donnelly & Wendy Burge, Co-Presidents, Romance Writers of America, Orange County Chapter

Thank you so very much for your wonderful presentation. I told some of the other members present that the mark of a true professional is when they make their job look so interesting, you wish you could find a way to go learn it yourself. That was clearly the case with you.” – Jim R.

“When I booked you to speak about handwriting analysis, I went out on a limb with the board as we had never had a topic like yours before. However, you far exceeded my expectations; you were excellent; your talk was very informative, and the members loved it. I had more positive comments afterwards than any other talk.” – Kay D.

“Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job [at our conference booth]!! I look forward to working with you in the future!!” – Jane

Books & Software

“I have just finished The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis and I absolutely loved it! I never thought learning this would be interesting, but I gave it a shot, and I am considering taking it up as a career.” – Desiree

“I have enjoyed your books over the years, and most currently, The Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis, which I loved for it’s unbeatable five-star entertaining style as well as for it’s valuable information.” – AE

“Sheila’s Handwriting Analyzer is not a course, but a wonderful adjunct to analyzing a handwriting sample; at least that is how I use it. Though its main purpose is not so much to educate as it is to assist in analyzing individual handwriting features, I have learned by using it to reinforce my knowledge of handwriting.” – Judith

“Although I have read many books about graphology and its uses, NOTHING could have prepared me for the accuracy of the report I obtained from this demo software. Amazing! If the demo was this good, I must buy the full program.” – Jay

“I found your book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Handwriting Analysis, to have been one of the best books on the subject that I have ever read. I have also found your computer program, Sheila Lowe’s Handwriting Analyzer, very useful and accurate.” – GK

“I don’t know how you did it but [Sheila Lowe’s Handwriting Analyzer software] is a marvelous tool as well as an outstanding educational tool. Thanks for making my job so much easier. – Chris

“…this book remains a product of real genius. It’s highly readable for both professionals and laypersons; and it goes a long way toward improving the acceptance of handwriting analysis as a profession.” – JB

” I’m in the middle of reading your Idiot’s Guide on hw. It’s amazing! I just keep making notes for myself on every single page.” – JS

“Sheila Lowe’s book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis is a very good book for beginners and other analysts as well. It will probably be in book stores and in libraries.”
Gary Brown, MGA

“Before beginning your book, I had very little interest in the subject other than researching it for my own book. Now that I see how much is involved, I’ve become quite interested. I’ve always had a keen interest in psychology and did not realize how closely linked the two subjects were. Thank you for your enlightening work.” – BG