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Instructions for preparing a handwriting sample

Handwriting Analysis Services for Business

  • Personality Profile for pre-employment screening - The client provides a job description, along with information about the working environment and we prepare a narrative report offering an overview of the applicant's personality as it relates to the position under consideration. The report highlights behavioral strengths, and stress points that may need further development. This type of analysis is highly effective in sales force-building.
  • Executive Report - Includes a Comprehensive Report (which describes motivating factors, likely responses under stress, obstacles to success), Job Profile Comparative Graph, and Psychogram (the Psychogram is a scientific instrument with weighted scores for forty personality traits.).
  • Compatibility Report - A narrative report describing two or more people who will be closely interacting. Includes a Personality Profile for each person and a summary covering the strong and weak points of the potential partnership. A powerful team building technique. Therapists engaged in marriage and relationship counseling also find handwriting analysis a helpful tool in working with their clients.
  • Forensic Graphology - This type of report is appropriate when a psychological profile is required, such as in child custody cases, surrogate parenting/adoption, spousal abuse, or criminal investigations. Private investigators, psychologists, law enforcements and attorneys are the primary clients for forensic graphology reports.
  • General Personnel Criteria - Five groups of general personality traits and two groups of job-specific scores, motivations, and mitigating factors on a scale from 1-10.
  • Specialized Skills Criteria - In addition to the General Personnel Criteria, scores for Sales and/or Management and Leadership Skills.
  • Success Potential Graph & Summary - A graph for each of five key personality traits and three mitigating traits scored on a scale from 1-5. Includes an overall letter grade and brief summary (this is not an analysis).
  • Job Profile Graph - The Comparative Graph compares the candidate's scores to an "ideal" job profile that you create from our Job Profile Template.
  • Quick Scan - When there are many candidates for the same position, use the Quick Scan to develop a shortlist. The Quick Scan categorizes samples as Strong, Borderline, or Unsuitable (Note: the Quick Scan is not an analysis, but simply a way to sort a large number of candidates to make it easier for the client to make a final selection).
  • Expedited Service - Standard turnaround returns your reports within three business days. For a small surcharge, Expedited Service returns results within twenty-four hours.

Seminars & Training

Six-hour introductory seminars to train human resource professionals or other managers to recognize the behavioral and personality strengths in their employees' handwriting, and also the important red flags that indicate potential for high-risk behaviors.

NEW! Independent Study Course in Gestalt Graphology by Sheila Lowe

For the new student or those who have taken the trait-stroke (IGAS) method and wish to add to their knowledge. Click here for information.

Corporate Events

Would you like to have attendees lining up at your trade show or convention booth? - Retaining one or more handwriting analysts to work at trade shows and conventions is a proven way to draw traffic. Our analysts provide a report on your letterhead, which can be printed with the message you want to get across. Using Sheila Lowe's Handwriting Analyzer, software, each analyst has the ability to produce at least one-hundred printed reports a day. Visitors to your booth will be thrilled with the results, and will keep this giveaway long after the event is over.

Handwriting Authentication (Document Examination)

Sheila Lowe is a court-qualified handwriting examiner who is retained when when the authenticity of a document is in question. Some types of documents examined: Disputed signatures on wills, trust deeds, checks, credit card slips, invoices, worker's compensation forms, traffic citations, contracts. Also, handwriting identification on holographic wills, doctor's patient records, anonymous letters, suicide notes, celebrity impersonators; identification of initials, etc.

Click here to learn more about Sheila Lowe's Handwriting Authentication services.

If you have a handwriting authentication case, you may wish to download the following two documents:

Handwriting Analysis - Personal Services

  • Personality Profile - The personality profile covers highlights of the writer's personality and behaviors, including areas that may need further development. The client may request the analyst to address questions about specific areas of personality functioning, such as personal or work relationships, career issues and vocational guidance.
  • Compatibility Report - Three reports in one - a personality profile on each party to the relationship, showing the strengths in the relationship, and suggestions for getting along better together. (a unique wedding gift!)
  • Graphotherapy - Handwriting therapy through remediation exercises. This easy-to-do program consists of written exercises and special music to help change personality traits that may be creating roadblocks to success. With a commitment of ten minutes twice a day, the client should begin to see changes in behavior and handwriting in just a few weeks.