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Graphology-Related Links

  • Click here to read a sample chapter of Poison Pen, Sheila's new mystery series featuring forensic handwriting expert, Claudia Rose. Penguin edition coming Spring 2008. Written In Blood coming September 2008.
  • Continuing education for marriage and family therapists through articles on handwriting analysis.
  • Online Handwriting Analysis Try the newest version of Sheila Lowe's Handwriting Analyzer, free. Find out more about yourself, your employees, spouse, or friends.
  • HARL - Handwriting Analysis Research Library, the non-profit educational and research corporation.
  • ADD ADHD Treatment - Ritalin Alternative for Attention Deficit Disorder. Get Your ADD Child Off Ritalin! A proven effective program to help with learning disorders, autism, and brain injury.
  • Fisching for Forgeries is a new chess autograph reference book to which Sheila contributed analysis.
  • Du-Xin - A Graphology website in Chinese.
  • Nigel Bradley's goal is to list every graphology web site in the world.
  • Mostly Books in Tucson, Arizona (USA), owned by handwriting analyst, Tricia Clapp, stocks more handwriting analysis books and materials than any other bookstore. Order online.
  • National Association of Document Examiners - An organization for document examiners. Hosts annual conferences.
  • American Handwriting Analysis Foundation or AHAF - A not-for-profit handwriting analysis organization in the U.S. which offers certification (reciprocal with AAHA). Several chapters around the country hold monthly meetings. Sponsors joint conferences with AAHA.
  • American Association of Handwriting Analysts or AAHA - A not-for-profit handwriting analysis organization in the U.S.which offers certification (reciprocal with AHAF). Several regions around the country hold seminars. Joint conferences with AHAF
  • National Society for Graphology or NSG, based in New York - A not-for-profit handwriting analysis organization founded by the late Felix Klein. Monthly meetings and bi-annual seminars.
  • American Society of Professional Graphologists A not-for-profit handwriting analysis organization in the U.S.
  • The British Institute of Graphology. A not-for-profit handwriting analysis organization in the U.K.
  • The British Academy of Graphology. A school of handwriting analysis in the U.K.
  • GClub - Lots of information compiled by Jyera, a graphologist based in Singapore.

Other Links

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  • Private Investigator - International Counterintelligence Services, Inc. The ICS mission is to provide professional private investigations anywhere in the world at anytime and report our findings in a timely and accountable manner. Proven and reliable company established since 1967, our private investigators can be reached on call 24 hours a day seven days a week at (800) 828-9198 for a free consultation.
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  • - Specializes in the development of handwriting-related web sites.