How to prepare a handwriting sample for the best results

In order for the handwriting analyst to produce the most accurate report, it is important to provide the best possible sample. Following are a few easy instructions.
  1. Write in your normal style. If you always print, please also include a paragraph of cursive writing. If English is not your first language, then also write a paragraph in your native language.
  2. Use the writing instrument of your choice, except for pencil.
  3. Use this form or other unlined paper. Do not draw in lines and do not placed the paper on top of any lined surface.
  4. The best sample is at least a page in length. You may write about anything you wish but make it spontaneous, as in writing a letter. Do not copy from a book or magazine.
  5. If you are taking any medication that may affect your handwriting, please state which one(s).
  6. Please state if you have suffered any physical or emotional trauma in the last twelve months or so that might affect your handwriting.
  7. Sign your name as you normally do.
  8. Note your approximate age, sex, and the hand with which you write.
Note: Write your sample when you are relaxed, but do not drink any alcohol before or during the time you are writing. Be seated comfortably at a table. If you have several styles of writing, you may wish to include samples of each.